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Wooden Oars

RWB are Australian distributors of the superb quality range of Gull oars and paddles. These products are
well known for their high quality materials and fi nish.
The oars and paddles are made from NZ tasman fi r and are heavily varnish dipped.
We offer a range of Gull oars, standard paddles and dragon boat paddles.

These oars are made from beautifully fi nished, fi nest quality tasman fi r, fi nely sanded and grain
sealed before varnishing. They are strong, robust and durable, yet lightweight and easy to handle.
Size range from 1.5 Metres (5Ft) to 2.55 Metres (8 1/2Ft).
Available plain or with oar stops fi tted. 5 Ft, 5 1/2 Ft & jointed oars are fi tted with plain plastic oar stops.
ALL other sizes are supplied with rubber oar stops with lugs, when ordered "with stops". Supplied in pairs.

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