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Shop Our Boat Insulation & Painting Tapes

Welcome to our online store, where you can find a wide range of boat insulation and painting tapes to enhance your boating experience. We offer high-quality tapes specifically designed for boat insulation and painting projects, ensuring that your boat is protected and looking its best.

Our boat insulation tapes provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, making them perfect for creating a comfortable and quiet environment on your boat. With our flame retardant insulation tape, you can have peace of mind knowing that your boat is safe and well-protected.

When it comes to boat painting, our tapes are your go-to solution. With a gloss finish, our painting tapes give a professional touch to your boat's paint job. They are easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue behind.

At Riviera Marine Centre, you can find a variety of boat insulation and painting tapes to suit your specific needs. From Nitto insulation tape to waterproof sail repair tape, masking tapes to gaffer tape, we have it all. We also offer other related products like liquid electrical tape and double-sided mounting tape to cater to all your boating needs.

Ordering from us is quick and convenient. We offer both express and standard shipping options, ensuring that you receive your tapes in a timely manner. Express shipping usually arrives within 1-2 days for items under 20 kg, while standard shipping takes around 5-9 days. Free standard shipping is available for orders over $200, excluding dangerous goods, oversized items, and items requiring special packaging.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your order, our customer service team is here to help. Please note that international orders cannot be processed online, so please contact us for a quote. We also cannot ship oversized products, dangerous goods, or items requiring special packaging to PO boxes.

Enhance your boating experience today with our boat insulation and painting tapes. Browse through our selection and shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting top-quality products for your boat.

Choose the Right Tape for Your Boat

Our selection includes a variety of boat insulation and painting tapes, each designed to cater to specific needs and requirements on your boat. Whether you are looking for Nitto insulation tape, waterproof sail repair tape, masking tapes, or gaffer tape, we have got you covered. These high-quality tapes provide reliable and durable solutions for all your boat insulation and painting projects.

When it comes to insulation, our Nitto insulation tape is a top choice. It is flame retardant and comes with a gloss finish. With a length of 20m and a width of 19mm, this tape offers excellent insulation properties for your boat, keeping it protected from extreme temperatures and ensuring optimal performance.

For sail repairs or other water-related applications, our waterproof sail repair tape is a must-have. It provides a strong and long-lasting bond, ensuring that your boat sails stay intact and withstand the harsh marine environment. This tape is specifically designed to be resistant to water, making it ideal for sealing and repairing any leaks or damages in your boat's sails.

In addition to these specific tapes, we also offer a range of masking tapes and gaffer tapes. Masking tapes are perfect for various painting applications on your boat, providing clean and precise edges. Gaffer tapes, on the other hand, are versatile tapes that can be used for securing cables and other temporary fixes on your boat.

Furthermore, we have other related products available, such as liquid electrical tape and double-sided mounting tape. Liquid electrical tape offers a protective coating for electrical connections on your boat, safeguarding them against moisture and corrosion. Double-sided mounting tape is ideal for securely attaching items in your boat, providing a strong bond without the need for drilling or screws.

Whatever your boat insulation and painting needs may be, our wide range of tapes and products ensures that you can find the right solution for your boat. Shop our selection today and enjoy the convenience of high-quality tapes that are specifically designed for the unique challenges of boat maintenance and improvement.