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Lewmar® Rope Clutch – D1

Lewmar® rope clutches have been designed and engineered to provide superior high performance rope holding and release characteristics. With minimal moving parts the variable geometry handle delivers simple, quick and effortless operation while the unique pattern of dominos provides outstanding holding power and clutching whilst remaining gentle on ropes to prevent fray. The Lewmar® clutch is an excellent choice for high load applications such as Genoa, spinnaker and asymmetric halyards (refer to the selection guide on page 21) while also ideal for low load applications such as reefing points, topping lifts and outhaul lines on larger vessels.

D1 Features
• High load applications on boats to 9.7m
• Low load applications on larger boats
• 6mm to 12mm line size
• Up to 500kg working load

SP42420610 D1 Clutch Handle Kit
420899 Clutch Label Function Set

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