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Our Composite Gas cylinders are modern, reliable and safe.

Our cylinders are built with a polymeric and composite construction that combines the best of both worlds: uncompromising safety, quality, design and innovation.

They're suitable for a variety of applications—industrial or home-use—and their advanced design makes them the ideal choice for a wide range of activities.

They are lighter, approximately half the weight of their steel equivalents, safer which is backed by over 20 million cylinders in use worldwide, rust free and translucent allowing the user to easily see the level of gas and know when it is time to refill.

12KG Composite Gas Bottle

Specification: FYSP 12
Filling Weight: 12 KG
Cylinder Weight: 6.1 KG
Nominal Volume: 28.6 L
Cylinder Height: 661mm
Cylinder Diameter: 305mm

Specification FYSP 15 FYSP 10 FYSP 7.5
Filling Weight 14.9 KG 10 KG 7.5 KG
Cylinder Weight 7.1 KG 5.5 KG 4.7 KG
Nominal Volume 35.5 L 24.5 L 18.2 L
Cylinder Height 773 mm 594 mm 501 mm
Cylinder Diameter 305 mm 305 mm 305 mm

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