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Whale® Gulper® Grey Waste Pump – 320 High Capacity

The Gulper 320 self-priming pump is specifically designed to pump waste grey water from the shower tray, galley sink or to be used as a small bilge pump. Adjustable clamping ring allows the head assembly to be rotated 360° to accommodate plumbing position. Suitable for either 19mm or 25mm hose connection.

• Quiet running
• Self priming to 3 metres
• Large single diaphragm
• Dual non-choke valves
• Pumps a mixture of air and water
• Secure mount – new wrap around mounting feature

• 19 L/m at open flow 19mm hose
• Maximum lift 3 metres
• Maximum head 3 metres
• Lift and head combined 4 metres

• Made from glass filled nylon, acetal, EPDM, stainless steel, santoprene, brass and aluminium

131336 Service Kit

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