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Veethree Electronics Reed Switch Tank Sender

Veethree’s reed switch sender is compatible with a variety of fuel and fluid types, including; gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluids, black water and grey water. The reed switch sender unit provides liquid level information via a series of reed switches positioned inside the sealed level tube, a float with built in magnets then triggers the reed relays generating a resistance with an ohm value that increases or decreases. The float is the only moving part of the sensor, thereby minimising potential mechanical failures and maximising flexibility of installation even in tanks with baffles.

• Reliable Solid State Electronics
• Compatible with a range of fuel types and fluids
• Suitable for use with both 12V and 24V gauges

Technical Specifications
• Material 316 Grade Stainless Steel
• Mounting Standard SAE 5 hole pattern
• Waterproof IP65
• Output 240-33 Ohm (sender style F) or 0-180Ohm
• Resolution 0.5″ approx.
• OP Range -20C to +70C

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