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Fiberglass Colour Restorer with PTEF is specifically formulated to remove oxidation and haze from coloured hulls, bringing back the original colour and shine. 

The PTEF polymers seal the restored finish to keep it looking its best while providing unmatched protection against UV rays and a deep, long-lasting gloss. 

The application is simple, whether by hand or with a buffer, apply, let dry to a haze and wipe off.

For best results, protect the restored finish with a coat of Premium Marine Polish with PTEF.


  • Brings back original colour and lustre.
  • Removes oxidation, chalking and fading.
  • Seals surface to protect against future fading due to weathering.
  • Easy to use.
  • Will not scratch or harm the gel coat.
  • Excellent for coloured hulls.
  • Size: 473ml


Wash boat with a Star brite Boat Wash.

Shake bottle well and use a clean, dry cloth to apply Fiberglass Colour Restorer with PTEF® to surface. 

Rub in a firm, overlapping pattern while the product is wet. Apply to small sections at a time to ensure uniform coverage. 

Let dry to a haze before buffing with a clean, dry cloth.

Because fibreglass surfaces are porous, additional oxidation may leach out after 10-20 days, requiring a repeat application of Fiberglass Colour Restorer. 

To preserve the newly restored finish, apply Star brite® Premium Marine Polish with PTEF® within 7 days.

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