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SPIROLL Anti-Chafe Guards

Protect your boat and ropes with the latest Anti-Chafe technology direct from the USA.

SPIROLL is a rugged polyurethane wrap to protect all types of rope.

This quality product is made in the USA and has excellent colour hang packaging.

Fast and easy to apply, Spiroll rope protectors self-wrap around a rope several times to give a snug and fi rm fi t and fully protect the rope from chafe and abrasion. They protect painted and delicate surfaces from “rope rub”.

Spiroll resists rot, grime and UV and will not streak the boat.

They are easily placed anywhere on the rope and can then be sllid into the desired location - once secured they will not slide down a rope.

When Spiroll is positioned correctly on the rope tightly wrap each end with professional grade electrical tape or RWB Isobond self-amalgamating tape to secure it. See instructions in the packet for correct procedure.

Spiroll is easily removable again at any time.

Use Spiroll wherever there is the potential for rope damage from wear and abrasion - mooring and dock lines, anchor rodes, tie-down cords Etc.

  • Rugged polyurethane construction
  • Fast application - and removal if desired
  • Securing instructions are detailed in the packet
  • Self-wraps around the line for a snug and firm fit
  • Resists rot, grime and UV
  • Will not streak
  • sizes to suit rope from 8mm to 24mm dia
  • 2 colours available - black or safety orange
  • Excellent hang pack colour retail packaging

Spiroll is available in either black or safety orange.

Spiroll is available in 2 sizes

Small size suits rope 8 - 16mm and is sold per PAIR

Large size suits rope 16 - 24mm and is sold per EACH

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