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Sand Anchors

Very popular high holding power sand anchors solidly constructed from hot dipped galvanised steel for safe and sure anchoring. Ideally suited to sandy or muddy bottoms. They lay fl at for easier stowage.

Suggested boat size for anchors is intended as a guide only for average boats in general usage in average conditions. The actual size should be selected based on intended usage and conditions. Chain should be used in the anchor warp.

SKU Weight(Pounds) Weight(Kg) Suggested boat size
RWB7220 3 1.5 2 metres
RWB7221 4 2 3 metres
RWB7222 6 3 4 metres
RWB7223 8 4 5 metres
RWB7224 10 5 6 metres
RWB7225 13 6 7 metres
RWB7226 16 8 8 metres

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