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Rule LoPro Bilge Pumps Automatic

The NEW Rule LoPro (low profi le) bilge pumps are small enough to fi t into tight spaces in the bilge - yet they pack real pumping power at 900 gallons per hour - 3,400 litres per hour - 57 litres per minute. These new pumps include numerous features for ease of installation, ease of use and multiple options for use.

AUTOMATIC Operation LoPro Pump

The automatic LoPro includes all features as detailed further above with the additional benefit of automatic operation in multiple modes - NO fl oat switch is required.

  • High or low water sensing mode - the pump can be set to start operation at either 33mm or 50mm bilge water height
  • Electronic automatic timer mode - The pump can be set to automatically check for water every 2 1/2 minutes - if water is present it will continue to run and pump bilge water. This feature is very handy - however if you leave the boat unattended on a mooring it may run down the battery over time, if you don’t have solar panels or a wind generator Etc to constantly charge the battery - in this case set the pump only to high or low mode
  • Includes pump test mode
  • Includes manual over-ride 3rd wire - requires a Rule 3 way panel switch RWB23 or 107 to operate this feature - see next page
  • 12 volt 4 amp use a 7.5 amp fuse
  • 12 volt DC only - DO NOT run direct off a 240v-12v transformer

RWB5159 Automatic Rule LP900S LoPro bilge pump 12volt

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