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Rule-A-Matic Plus Float Switch

The Rule-A-Matic "PLUS" is a compact, sleek, superior quality non-mercury automatic fl oat switch. The "plus" switch is the 1st choice of boatbuilders worldwide. It has a strong, fully integrated cover to protect against debris and jamming of the switch.

14 gauge highly abrasion resistant blocked wires exit the top of the switch - to keep them out of the water and keep wear and tear to a minimum.

Built-in manual test feature allows operational check. It is suitable for any brand of submersible bilge pump

12v - 24v - 32 volt with a maximum draw of 20 amp.

Suits all models of Rule DC non-automatic pumps.

Base footprint : 135mm x 63mm. Height 72mm.

2 year limited warranty.

RWB98 Rule-A-Matic "Plus" fl oat switch - to 20 amp

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