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Rule 800 GPH Bilge Pump (Non-Automatic)12v

These NEW versions of the Rule automatic shower drain kits offer 2 x
GPH sizes - 800GPH & 1100 GPH. They feature threaded discharge
ports for ease of installation and snap-in components for ease of
replacement. The shower drain box is easy to install, has a removeable
fi lter for cleaning, a sealed clip-on lid to prevent unwanted water splash
and is fully serviceable without any need for tools.
Compact, full capacity automatic shower sump draining kits that turn on
and shut off automatically as required. 12v & 24v models available.
These kits feature :

  • Powerful Rule 800 GPH (50 LPM) or 1100 GPH (69 LPM) pumps
  • Rule-A-Matic fl oat switch to automate the pump system
  • Sealed polycarboanate snap-on lid (can also be screwed down)
  • Fast fi x system - pump & fl oat switch snap out of housing
  • Threaded port fi ttings for ease and variety of installation needs
  • Compact one way check valve to prevent back siphoning
  • Removable wide screen fi lter to trap debris
  • 4 x inlet port options (2 blanked off) with screw-on ports provided

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