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  • Exceptionally high working loads
  • Low maintenance, long service life
  • Self-lubricating Acetal polymer sheave ensures low friction and extreme durability
  • Captive Lock™ universal head
  • Slotted pin shackle eliminates fouled lines

    All purpose (AP) blocks are a great all around solution. Self-lubricating Acetal polymer sheaves running on polished stainless steel races perform equally well with dynamic loads and high static loads. For durability and a long service life, these blocks are the right choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising and racing.Captive Lock™ universal head can be fixed in either of two planes, or free to swivel as required

    Sheave Ø 54 + 34 mm
    Max. Rope Ø 10 mm
    Max. Cable Ø - mm
    Pin Ø 5.0 mm
    M.W.L. 750 kg
    B. L. 1500 kg
    Weight 167 g

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