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"OCEAN" Heavy Duty Fenders

"OCEAN" Heavy Duty Rotationally Moulded Fenders

"OCEAN" brand Classic heavy duty fenders are manufactured by
the process of rotational moulding. The entire fender is moulded all
in 1 seamless piece - NOT with the heads welded on to the body of
the fender. This gives consistent wall thickness and makes them
exceptionally strong and durable.

  • Rotationally moulded one piece seamless construction for exceptional strength
  • The blue colour on the ends is integrated into the fender material - NOT dyed or painted - so the colour won't come off
  • Rock solid moulded eye holes in each end
  • UV resistant plastisol PVC material with glossy fi nish - no wrinkles
  • Range of sizes to suit yachts and motor cruisers
  • Strong & durable fenders made to last
  • Glossy white material with dark blue ends

Infl ation guide - simply open the valve cap and unscrew the slot 1/2 a turn anti- clockwise, then fi ll with air to a pressure of 2.1Lbs 0.15 bar at ambient temp of 20
degrees centigrade. Turn the slot back 1/2 a turn clockwise to lock the valve.

RWB6702 760mm x 220mm 9Mtr 30Ft - 12Mtr 40ft

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