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Multiflex Boxed Steering Kits - Planetary Gear Helm

Cable steering kits packaged complete in a display box. Includes a quality heavy duty planetary geared helm for smoother steering (see RWB7630 next page), 90 degree bezel kit with all mounting hardware, and quick connect steering cable with stainless steel ends - just choose cable length required.

Kits are available in cable lengths from 8 foot (2.43 metre) to 20 foot (6.10 metre). For longer lengths buy the cable shown further below & helm & bezel separately. See below to find how to measure cable length required. Kit does not include steering wheel.

SKU Total Length
RWB7655 11 foot (3.35 Mtr) kit
RWB7656 12 foot (3.66 Mtr) kit
RWB7657 13 foot (3.96 Mtr) kit
RWB7658 14 foot (4.27 Mtr) kit
RWB7659 15 foot (4.57 Mtr) kit
RWB7660 16 foot (4.88 Mtr) kit

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