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Marine Chainguard - Suits 6-8mm Chain - Protects Boats and Dampens Sound - 8m Length

The chain guard by Lone Star Marine was developed in order to reduce the noise of chain going over the deck rollers and hawse pipes, as well as protect the boat from bumps and scrapes.

While researching for this new product LSM experimented with the several materials and weave patterns including nylon and polyester fibres. We found these fibres to be insufficient for abrasion protection, and the softer nature encouraged ‘fingertrapping’ when feeding the chain through the guard, making application very difficult. They also tend to develop runs when feeding over galvanized chain.

Our product uses a thicker, stiffer material in a tight weave pattern. The result is a hardwearing guard with a larger minimum diameter. These important traits reduce the fingertrap effect and allows the guard to be applied much easier than alternatives, and will outlast most other materials available.

*Newly developed and designed specifically for noise reduction of your chain over your bow sprit, deck roller and / or hawse pipe.

*Comes in 8 metre lengths and can fit both 6mm and 8mm chain.

*Just cut to size with sharp scissors and melt the frays with some heat. Cable tie both ends to your chain and you are set.

Don't let the clang, clang noise of your chain scare those fish away when anchoring!

As seen at the Melbourne & Adelaide Boat Shows 2013!

100% Australian Made.


  • Protects your boat
  • Dampens noise from anchor deployment / retrieval
  • Also available in 10m and 12m lengths

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