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Lewmar® Blocks – Synchro

Designed and engineered for speed, efficiency and superior handling, the Synchro range of blocks combine a free spin bearing with a self aligning head to reduce friction and increase efficiency. Each component is designed to perfectly synchronise with the movement of the rope to provide smooth and efficient transfer of power with reduced rope wear.

A lockable head allows for in-line or 90° positioning while the integrated 30° floating movement provides improved alignment. Additionally, the head may be left to freely rotate when in the unlocked position.

Applications include
• Halyard turning
• Mainsheet systems
• Mast foot blocks
• Mast head blocks
• Boom vang
• General sheet blocks

• Range includes single, double, triple and fiddle blocks
• 50, 60, 72 and 90mm sheave diameters
• Stainless steel straps and glass fibre reinforced cheeks
• High density free spin plain bearing
• Tool free swivel lock self aligning head
• Optimised sheave to rope ratio

N.B. * Block working load, cleat working load 120KG
** Block working load, cleat working load 180KG

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