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In-Line Bilge Blowers

RULE in-line bilge blowers are designed to be the most efficient, high performance, yet economically priced bilge blowers available on the market today. Ideal for venting bilges, engine compartments, galleys and heads.


  • In-line style allows the air to cool the motor
  • 1 Year limited warranty. Subject to motor brush life.
  • High performance - low amp draw - ignition protected
  • Five blade fan with nose cone for super efficient airflow
  • Quiet operation - high volume output
  • Compact - easily installed on any flat surface
  • Integral mounting bracket and hose flange stops
  • Front and rear shaft seals for moisture protection
  • Available in both 12 volt and 24 volt
  • Available to suit both 75mm and 100mm blower hose

75mm (3") Blower - Suits 75mm Hose
Capacity : 3.8 cubic metres per minute (135 CFM)
Size inc. mount brkt : 130 L x 125 W x 95mm H

100mm (4") Blower - Suits 100mm Hose

Extra large capacity : 6.7 cubic metres per minute capacity (235 cubic feet per minute)
Size inc. mount bracket : 130 L x 150 W x 120mm H

OEM Bulk Packed Models Available

RWB653 12 volt - 2.9 amp 3.8 cubic metres per minute (135 CFM), 130 L x 125 W x 95mm H
RWB654 12 volt - 4.3 amp 6.7 cubic metres per minute
capacity (235 cubic feet per minute),130 L x 150 W x 120mm H

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