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Heavy Duty Fenders - White With Black Ends

As per Majoni fenders above but made from white UV resistant PVC with BLACK reinforced star pattern heads in the classic European style.

Available as fender only - or complete with silver rope lanyards spliced onto the eye of the fender, ready to use. See next page for the larger sizes of these fenders available with black polyester double braid lanyards. Inflate fenders with an air compressor or use a bike pump adaptor fitting.

Please don't use Needle Valve otherwise damage to the valve will occur. 

600 x 180mm RWB1525 10mm x 2 Mtr
620 x 210mm RWB1526 10mm x 2 Mtr
700 x 240mm RWB1527 12mm x 2 Mtr
900 x 300mm RWB1528 12mm x 2 Mtr

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