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Fynspray Manual Galley Pumps

Fynspray hand operated galley pumps are made in New Zealand and sold world-wide. They are of high quality and there is a pump to suit most budgets and applications. They range from lower priced effi cient plastic bodied pumps to traditional style bronze pumps. These self priming pumps are suitable for supplying water on boats, caravans, campers, for portable toilet sinks and many other varied applications.

Quick-Stroke Rocker Pump

  • Non-corrosive plastic body
  • Easy back and forward action
  • Chrome brass handle & spout
  • Suits fresh or salt water
  • Self priming
  • Solid and reliable
  • Fynspray model WS63

"Ultra" Vertical Pump


  • Non-corrosive plastic body
  • Compact double action vertical stroke pump
  • S/S barrel and Chrome spout
  • Suits fresh or salt water
  • Self priming
  • Fynspray model WS67

Brass Lever Style

  • Attractive traditional style in high quality solid brass
  • Up / down lever action
  • Long lasting - looks great
  • Large spout pumps directly into centre of basin
  • Polished or chrome brass
  • Fynspray model WS62

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