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Easterner Portable Fuel Tanks

Easterner economically priced portable fuel tanks.
NOT Aust Standard approved - but meets ISO13591 international standards.
Made from strong polyethylene that won’t chip, crack or rust. These tanks include a pickup tube and threaded tank fitting that suits standard fuel tank fittings shown on page 161 & 162. 2 sizes available.
3 US gallon - 11.4 litre tank with vented cap (no gauge). Complete with carry handle on top.
350mm length x 255mm width x 235mm height.

6 US gallon - 22.7 litre fuel tank with fuel gauge.
Complete with carry handle on end of tank.
590mm length x 290mm width x 230mm height.

RWB3419 Fuel pickup assembly
RWB3420 Fuel cap & gauge with S/S wire

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