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E-Treat Concentrate

E-TREAT professional grade is a very concentrated treatment for waste holding tanks, marine toilets, portable toilets, building site toilets, caravans Etc.

The concentrated formula goes a long way, making it very cost effective against less concentrated formulas - it has a high dilution rate 1 Ml to 1 litre of tank capacity = 500 Ml does a 500 litre tank.

It is a non-staining formula and has been specifi cally formulated to comprehensively treat waste, sanitise and deodorise.

E-TREAT concentrate is biodegradable and compatible with pump-out systems and municipal waste water treatment services.

E-TREAT is formaldehyde-free and phosphate-free.

Simply add to the toilet bowl. Fresh blue colour.

Use in conjuction with E-SOFT toilet tissue for best results.

RWB5751 5 Litre - (carton bulk pack is 4)

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