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AFI Pantographic Wiper Arms

Pantographic arms provide a fl at square sweep for improved vision.
These heavy duty stainless steel arms and blades match the AFI wiper motors RWB5800 - 5807 and RWB2853 - 2854 heavy duty motors shown on previous pages.
See the wiper motors on previous pages where maximum arm/blade length is shown for each wiper motor.
The arms are all adjustable length and are interchangeable with the blades shown below. They offer robust construction giving long life and superior wiping ability.

Heavy duty marine grade stainless steel construction. The arm is blackened for reduced glare.

RWB2855   Adjustable 300-425mm
RWB2856   Adjustable 425-550mm

AFI Premier arm - Long. Extra heavy duty marine grade stainless steel construction.

RWB5810   Adjustable from 550 - 650mm

Pantographic arms will only function properly with
motor sweep angles of 80 degree or less. Wiper
motors can be easily adjusted to 80 deg sweep angle.

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