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155SL Remote Control Searchlight Kit

Modern style 100,000 candlepower remote control searchlight kits offering quality, value and up to date features. The powerful beam can spot hazards over 250 metres away.

2 models available - standard control or electronic control which provides additional features.

  • Electronic control model (J60-103 Deluxe) offers many additional features
  • Easily replaceable 130mm 100,000 candlepower halogen sealed beam
  • Range where a reasonable level of detail can be distinguished - 268 metres
  • Full 320 degree horizontal rotation - 75 degree vertical sweep
  • Tough, UV resistant, non corrosive thermoplastic housing and base
  • Complete with control panel and 4.5 metre cable harness (extensions avail)
  • Long life gear drive and clutch mechanism. Low 4.5 amp draw

STANDARD MODEL - Supplied with standard joystick control panel (shown right). Suits 12 volt DC only.

DELUXE MODEL - Supplied with state-of-the-art electronic touch pad control panel offering many additional features.

  • The light can be used on both 12 volt and 24 volt DC
  • Water resistant modern control panel
  • Automatic 20 degree side to side sweep feature
  • Two speed movement - fast for search, slow for pinpoint
  • Emergency "SOS" signal transmits through 360 degrees

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