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Offshore 75 Powerboat Compasses

The Offshore 75 range of compasses are suitable for powerboats from 5 to 9 metre length. Whatever the boat speed, hull pounding or vibrations, the offshore 75 will remain fully effi cient due to Plastimo’s exclusive “vibration absorber” system which ensures that the compass card remains stable in all conditions. In addition - these compasses (except dashmount) have universal global balance - not zone dependant - so they are suitable for use in any zone worldwide. A variety of colours and mounting options are available.

  • 70mm apparent card diameter
  • Conical dual read card with 5 degree graduations
  • Vibration absorber system to keep the card stable
  • Watertight one-piece moulded bowl and flange
  • Quick remove clip supplied (Binnacle & Brkt Mnt)
  • 12 - 24v LED lighting included
  • Compensators optional (not possible for flush Mnt)
  • Variety of mounting positions
  • Variety of colour combinations
  • All parts fully UV treated
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Universal global balance - use worldwide
  • Style - accuracy - affordability
SKU Mount Style Exterior Colour Card Type Card Colour
RWB8010 Flush Black Conical Black
RWB8011 Flush White Conical White
RWB8013 Dash Black Conical Lt Grey
RWB8015 Binnacle Black Conical Black
RWB8016 Binnacle White Conical White
RWB8017 Bracket Black Conical Black
RWB8018 Bracket White Conical White

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