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LED Life Jacket Light - Safelight IV

Fully SOLAS approved fl ashing LED life jacket light - Safelight IV.

SOLAS certifi ed LSA code

  • Very compact (37 x 23 x 26mm) and very lightweight
  • Auto-On automatically activates in water
  • Also has a manual On-Off button
  • Powerful bright LED light technology for low power consumption giving longer battery life in-water
  • Lithium battery with 5 years life from date and 8+ hour life when in use in water
  • Waterproof ultrasonically welded and sunk in epoxy resin
  • Can be used with all infl atable or foam life jackets
  • Quick and easy fi tting to 20-40mm dia. life jacket webbing
  • Available in bulk pack - no packaging (cheaper option)
  • Available in blister colour retail packaging
    RWB8701 Retail blister packaged Safelight IV There is a bulk discount for a 12 buy

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