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Hi-Tech Trailer Winch Ropes

These trailer winch ropes are made from space age high strength, low stretch HPP (high performance polypropylene) fi bre. Made in New Zealand by Tenob from quality materials. Up to 15 times higher strength than wire rope - and no more rusting wire or metal splinters from wire rope.

The manufacturer is so confi dent of the product that they offer a 3 year replacement guarantee against rope breakage.

Available with either a stainless steel S hook or a galvanised snap hook.

The stainless steel S hook is a special super-strong cold forged S hook which is 30% stronger than a normal stainless S hook

2 rope diameter -

  • 5mm which has 2,000Kg breaking strain
  • 7mm which has 3,600Kg breaking strain

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